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About Rx|X Consulting

Rx|X is an independent 340B advisory services group with nearly two decades of experience focused on the 340B industry. Its founders, Madeline Wallack and Suzanne Herzog, are committed to education and guidance that produces gold standard 340B programs. 

Why You Should Join Our Community Rx|X Next Level

Rx|X clients now have access to a hub of information including policy briefs, best practices in self-auditing protocols, education and training, reports to C-suite, self-reporting, dispute resolution, and individualized problem solving on 340B policy and technical issues.  Most importantly, you will have Rx|X's point of view on all the latest developments in the 340B space.  

A Big Thanks!

Thank you to our valued clients! We are truly passionate about our work and it is a joy working with each and every one of you.  Thank you for being our colleagues and friends.

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